The Tourist Trail takes you through to the vacant mining town of Lennonville just north of the Mount Magnet townsite. At the peak of the gold rush in the region, in the early 1900’s it is believed that the population of Lennonville reached 3000, making it the most important of the 3 townsites of Mount Magnet, Boogardie and Lennonville. During this peak time there were 5 hotels in the townsite. In 1909 after several years of slow decline, a huge fire swept through the main street of the town, provoking a general exodus from Lennonville. Today you can visit the vacant townsite, explore through what was a thriving township less than 100 years ago. The old railway platform remains in Lennonville and has a great collection of relics from the old town left by fossickers. A great place to explore and maybe add to the collection!