Landfill Site

The Landfill Site is located East of the town on Leap Year Road.

Directions: Follow Naughton St east past the Blackcat Cap and the Cemetery. The turn off to the tip is on the left after the Cemetery.

Council is currently reviewing its Waste Management Plan for the landfill site in line with the new legislation to be introduced known as the Waste Avoidance and Resource Recovery Bill. Council has also commenced an upgrade of the tip to conform with the current legislation and guidelines of the Department of Environment and Conservation.

Council’s refuse site require a licence from the Department of Environment and conservation and must operate under the strict requirements of that licence.

Council has sectioned the landfill so that various items can be disposed of in designated and signed areas of the site. The Community’s co-operation is requested so that the Shire is able to recover some resources rather than commit them to being buried. The Community can contribute much by following the signs and segregating their rubbish on-site which will lower the maintenance cost of the upkeep of the landfill site.

Currently the landfill site is open all the time and there is no attendant at the site to tell people where to dispose of their items of rubbish and the community is requested to follow the signs.

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